A TUNE bed rendering
A TUNE bed rendering
A TUNE bed rendering
A TUNE bed rendering
A TUNE bed rendering

TUNEfor Home

Evolve beyond stress with state-of-the-art performance tech for your nervous system powered by medical-grade vibrations that tune the entire body to its most optimal state in 15 minutes…and keep it there.

*A TUNE Home Subscription is required to operate a TUNE. Subscriptions start at $39.99 per month, cancel at any time. Sold separately.

TUNE dimensions:

90” L x 30” W x 24” H

TUNE weight: 100 lbs


100 V to 240 V with 15 amp plug (standard 3-prong outlet)

Recommended Wi-Fi speed: 100+ mbps - 2.4 GHz

User Requirements:

Height maximum: 6’5”

Weight maximum: 300 lbs

Medical Restrictions:

TUNE is not safe for those with pacemakers, as our frequencies may interfere with the pacemaker’s rhythm.

An additional $39 monthly subscription includes access to custom frequencies that are updated every season, unlimited individual profiles for household access and special event programming, and ongoing updates to the device software and TUNE OS application.

Just like with exercise or a healthy diet, consistency delivers the best results. We recommend tuning at least 3x per week for optimal impact, but you can tune as much as twice per day—our SuperTuners swear by it…

It’s best to get into a regular rhythm, fitting in a quick tune when it’s most convenient for your schedule so that your practice is as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth. That’s when you’ll really start to feel lasting change that’s maintained in your entire wellbeing.

We deliver to all 50 United States and Canada. Once your order is placed, your TUNE will ship 5-7 weeks from purchase.

No assembly whatsoever is needed. We take care of all the heavy lifting so you can simply show us where you want it and begin tuning within 10 minutes of shipment arrival.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your TUNE somewhere you can feel calm and undisturbed while using.

  2. Create your user profile, plug your TUNE into a standard 15-amp or 20-amp outlet and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network.

  3. Using the provided serial number, select either a $39 monthly or $429 annual subscription to access the neuromusic and medical-grade frequencies.

  4. Invite an unlimited amount of guests over to use your TUNE with their own user profiles.

  5. Keep your TUNE plugged-in and switched ON to start as many sessions as you’d like on-demand. You never know when you’ll need that tune up...

3-Year Limited Warranty
Easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network
Unlimited profiles for family, friends and guests
Free custom engraving

Come out different on the other side…

“I commuted home in a blissed-out trance, now convinced that perhaps technology holds certain keys to blissful sleep.”


“The incorporation of TUNE at the Google Lab is the clearest embodiment of our mission: to drive creative inspiration.”


“I was exhausted when I tuned. After, I felt totally relaxed, refreshed and revitalized. I would do it every day.”


“Am I better off than when I started? Absolutely.”


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