Our Values
At TUNE, we believe that when you feel better, you do better.
We are committed to building accessible, science-backed technology that supports people tuning into their potential. A core principal of our team is the belief that building new things that create a positive impact on society, must come from the joyful pursuit of excellence. We strive to deliver that in every experience and interaction with every level of our organization and products.
Why are we focused on the Nervous System?
The nervous system is the central command center for your whole body. When it's balanced, you're balanced.
Keep in mind, your nervous system is always in a state of flux. Balance in the morning will mean your body will pull in more energy resources for action-states, where balance in the evening will mean your body will lean into states of unwind and rest.
Nervous system balance is woven into the optimal patterns of your circadian rhythms. This version of balance is not a fixed dot on a graph, it is not even a fixed state. Here balance represents itself as the ability to welcome opportunities presented. IE: the opportunity to fully digest and process food, engage in exercise, focus at work, presence at home with your family, process challenges with ease, creative expression and the ability to achieve a restful sleep. Nervous system balance allows for one to experience life in its richest form; the way we were designed.