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Balance your nervous system

TUNE is a performance technology for your nervous system. Using proprietary medical-grade vibrations synced with custom neural music, it’s designed to re-balance the body to its most optimal state in just 15 minutes.

Offer and experience medical-grade vibrations on demand

No matter what you come to the table with, TUNE recalibrates your entire nervous system with medical-grade vibrations proven by the NIH and Mayo Clinic to reduce stress by 54%, improve sleep and maintain your edge.
TUNE Bed Bone

TUNE is clinically proven to

Decrease Fatigue


of users reported a decrease in fatigue

Reduce Stress


of users experienced less overall stress

Increase Metabolism


of users experienced a higher function of the metabolism

What TUNE can do for you
Attract & Retain
Improved recovery and reduction of stress are the top health goals for Americans in 2024. Tuning delivers quantifiable benefits at the intersection of mental and physical health most desired by all audiences.
High Impact & Rapid Delivery
Our wellness-on-demand offering reduces stress up to 54% in 15 minutes. It’s a self-service, inclusive technology, accessible to all ages and abilities.
Improve Your Business
Whether you are offering TUNE for your clients, customers or employees, we provide account support, customized marketing materials and guidance to maximize your success.
Who we serve
A TUNE bed
Hospitality & Spa
Elevate your amenities and allow your clients to get the most out of their services.
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A TUNE bed
Corporate Wellness
Employee burnout is the #1 employer cost in the US. Reduce stress while increasing productivity and clarity.
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A TUNE bed
Multimodality Wellness
TUNE is an easy addition to your fitness, biohacking or wellness location.
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A TUNE bed
Medical and Treatment Facility
Provide a sanctuary within your facility to support medical professionals or patients.
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A TUNE bed
Multifamily Residential
Attract, grow and retain your resident community with the ultimate mental and physical health amenity.
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A TUNE bed
TUNE for Home
Exclusive access to the highest rated performance tech on the market.
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Woman laying on a TUNE device
Speaking to the nervous system
We are committed to building accessible, science-backed technology that supports people tuning into their potential. A core principal of our team is the belief that building new things that create a positive impact on society, must come from the joyful pursuit of excellence. We strive to deliver that in every experience and interaction with every level of our organization and products.
Two thousand and five hundred years later, the fields of medicine, sports, education and wellness have circled back to these ancient discoveries with a new understanding: Nervous system balance is the key to physical excellence, longevity and mental health.
Session Sound of the Month
Our custom neural compositions are specifically created for the resonance of the TUNE. Listen to our new, featured session sounds every month.
Our App supports our locations, operates TUNE for home and allows clients to track their own progress.