Our tech fights stress so you don’t have to

Rest easy knowing we’ve perfected the art, science and practice of beating stress at its own game, for good.

Science says:Vibration is the language of the body

Researchers at the National Institute of Health and Mayo Clinic have proven that specific medical-grade vibrations arranged in certain patterns speak directly to different parts of the body—your adrenal glands have their own vibe (!)

tune chaos
tune chaos

TUNE tech uniquely applies these breakthrough findings to optimize and restore the ultimate control center—your nervous system, its stress response, and thus, your whole body and its every function. Get ready to rest, in a city that never does.

Safe for all ages and life stages, simply lie down, put the headphones on and let TUNE do its thing. Studies show in 15 short, meditative minutes you'll experience...


Less Stress


Less fatigue


Less physical pain


Less depressive mood


Improved general health

Survival of the fastest

The same nervous system that had us running from lions thousands of years ago now fires off everytime we receive a challenging email. Our bodies can’t tell the difference, and processes all stress as life or death. As we accelerate into the most complex times known to mankind, we find ourselves overwhelmed at levels we’re simply not equipped for. Sure, meditation twice a day works for some, but for the rest of us, innovation must step in if we’re ever going to make it...

Enter: TUNE, the most efficient de-stressing technology for modern-day evolution. Lie down and let your whole body rest, reset and recover at least 3x per week for optimal impact.

Our Tech

How it works

minute 1-3

The nervous system switches from sympathetic system (fight-or-flight) to the parasympathetic system (rest-and-recovery).

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